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Trip to North America

I made my way up to North America and i wanted to visit the country Canada. I wanted to look at all the wonderful sights and see just what buildings or islands they have, considering part of Canada is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It's also North of the United States. The population is 731,000,000. The area of Canada is 10,180,000 km or (3,930,000 square miles). The GDP per capita is 19,920. The main language is french and the currency is euro.

A place I wanted to visit was Prince Edward Island. The land scape is beautiful because it has rolling hills, woods, reddish white sand on the beach and the ocean. This was a place first called St. John's Island that the french captured and later the british took over and named it Prince Edward ISland. The importance of this island is, it is a monument for the british. The second place I visited was amsterdam it is beautiful is has many buildings when at night the lights look amazing on the bike tour. When we ride the bridge you can see the buildings reflection in the water.

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Trip to Venezuela

I was on vacation in South America, I wanted to visit other places I didn't know where else to go. So I made up my mind to go to Venezuela I was always visiting chile so I was going to travel up to Venezuela. It is located north of Columbia and south of the Atlantic Ocean the capital is Caracas. It is not a very big country compared to Chile. The area total is 353,841 sq mi. The population is 27,223,228 and the GDP per capita is $398.012 billion. The main language is spanish the currency they use is Bolivar fuerte.

An awesome place to visit is Angel Falls it is the worlds highest waterfall it's height is 979 m or (3,212 ft) and its plunge is 807 m or (2,648 ft). The waterfall is located on the edge of the Auyantepui mountain in the Canaima National Park in the Gran Sabana region of BolĂ­var State, Venezuela. The waterfall is so high up that before getting anywhere near the ground, much of the water is evaporated or carried away as a fine mist by the strong wind. They named is Angel Falls because this guy Jimmie Angel, a US aviator who was the first to fly over the falls in a plane. It is one of Venezuela's top tourist attractions, but, even today, a trip to the falls is a complicated affair. The next place I visited in Venezuela was the Margarita Island (Isla de Margarita) is the largest island of the Nueva Esparta state in Venezuela, situated in the Caribbean Sea, off the northeastern coast of the country. Christopher Columbus is the one who discovered this island. It is a beautiful island it has lots of trees. The water is a beautiful light blue and this is a wonderful place to go for vacation. The purpose of this island is to have somewhere togo when your visiting Venzuela. It is a beautiful island that has warm sand, plam trees that some what shade you and light blue water that you can cool down in. It's important because it became the first permanently free territory in Venezuela. Tourism is increasing year by year on this island because the hotels, scenery and night life.

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Trip to Chile

One day I was just sitting at home really bored. I got a thought, I wanted to go on a trip. I always wanted to visit Latin America, so I went to the bank and got all my money out to go on this trip of my dreams. I was going to start this trip in Chile. There are many places to go in this big country so I asked two random people where was the best place to start. The second person I asked was the lady sitting beside me, she had advised me to start out in a city called Santiago it is the capital of the country, it is also the biggest city in Chile. I thought that's a good a idea to start out in the capital of this country and work my way from there. Taking a taxi in Chile is safe and relatively cheap. The black cars with their yellow roofs can be hailed anywhere. In Santiago, there is a base price of 200 pesos (USD 0.40) plus around 100 pesos for each 200 miles driven (or per minute when waiting). When I got out of the airport the place was so big luckily the airport was in the city of santiago so I didn't have to go far or so I thought. Chile is a big country located in South America it is right next to argentina and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is one of South America's most stable nations the country. Chile is 6,435 kilometres (4000 miles) big. The main languages spoken are English, Spanish, German and many native languages. The GDP per capita is $10,025. The population of Chile is 17,217,273.

I visited this beautiful place in santiago named the Santa Lucia Craft Market it is a place where you can go to buy handicrafts and souvenirs in Santiago it is a pretty cool place, It's beautiful to. It can be found on Alameda just across the road from the Cerro Santa Lucia Hill. You don't have to buy anything it's just neat to go a see all the crafts if your into that kind of thing. They also have instruments for all you music lovers and musicians they have some really awesome guitars. They also have these instruments called charango what is it? you ask. A charango is a 10 string mini guitar usually for Andean Folklore music. The Santa Lucia Craft Market also has handmade leather shoes and sandals they have many different colors they have dresses, purses and accessories. You can get a lot from visiting this place, it is important if you want to leave Santiago with memories or something to show off to your friends and family back home.

Another place to go is Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts it is located in santiago chile it is a major center of art. It was designed by the French-Chilean Emile Jecquie, the museum was founded on September 18, 1880. In 1887 the government wanted to build another building and name it the Parthenon that was constructed by the Artistic Union. It was used for the purpose of hosting annual art. This museum is home to one of the world's largest collections of paintings and sculptures. It is a beautiful place just looking on the outside of it makes me want to go in and see what they have on the inside. It has some palm trees and lamp posts around the front of the building. It has a statue right in front of the door way. The purpose of this is to have a place to go see art made by other people. It is Important because people visiting chile need a place to see it's fine arts and see the beauty of the painting.

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